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Monday, July 11, 2005'♥

Another day just come and pass by so fast.. im working afternoon shift today..sales was not tat bad.. and the time realli passed by veri fast.. Agnes briefed and teached mi for the course on wed and thur.. she is like my tutor hehe.. must realli thank her alot.coz since i started working at KIDS..she taught mi alot of things like cashier..transfering..and alot of thigns..not like last time when i just fold clothes and still fold clothes onli....Anyway i did the sales analysis report today..and gave feedback and suggestoins of the shop back to Uncle S**..tink he sure wont accept de lor..

There is a NTUC FOOD FAIR in tam mall.. passed by and saw tat there is a booth specially for the MEIJI BIRTHDAY BEAR.. its a box inside contain a bear which bears the same birthday as u.. I bought one for monster tat day le.. haiz..but too bad always cant find mine.. and guess wad?? TODAY I FOUND mine le.. without searching high and low..an auntie was picking it up and put it down...and i saw the date 11/29 woooooo..sooooo happy lor..its been so long since i trying to find one with my bd...

For those who know wad im talking and abt and wanted it..pls come to tam mall and there is realli alot lor...so many ppl searchin high and low for their birthday bear...hehe Since tmr is Rahima's birthday..i decided to buy one for her..and oso for AGNES...her bd so power de..09/09 hehe.. and they were so surprised.. today is a great day..coz i dun even need to search and their bd is rite in front of mi.. nice working wit rahima and agnes..sad tat Agnes is going to transfer to BISHAN next month le.. by the way FOX is going to have an END SEASON SALES le.. starting from this FRIDAY..so those who want to shop pls remember to come early in case ur size being snatched away by others le.. and im going to work full shift for many days le..no choice shortage of manpower...hehe..

I wonder how is cindy and yibin le?? been quite worried abt them.. tink they have some problems..and i hope they will solved it soon.. bullshit oso broke up wit his gf yst... haiz..wad happen to everyone??

Its the starting of monster's study week le.. i realli hope he will study and do well for his test...i pray for understanding to come upon him and tat he will not be tired... tmr working full shift le.. and Agnes is off..sianz..

With Love, 11:17 PM

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