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Wednesday, June 15, 2005'♥

The weather is so good..so cooling..and it might rain anytime now.. dun feel like waking up at all..but wad to do do i have a choice?? money more impt wor..im seriously BROKE...asked my grandma to heat up the dinner yst so tat i can bring it to eat at work...coz yst nv eat dinner...bad mood ma..im saving money so as to buy the blouse i saw at ISETAN..been wanting it for so long le.and finally i FOUND it!!!..

My eyes were puffy..yst cried alot..talked out how i felt to my monster..tink he is innocent..oh well depression period..srry dar.. but in the end..we talked out our feelings..and now?? we love each other even more..hehe...from now on i shall play the role of an understanding gf..rite cindy?? tks for talking to mi yst..and im glad tat ur MUM is saved..now onli left ur dad..jia you jia you..!!!!

hao ba hao ba..shall show u guys the picture of the witch..next time see her must stare at her ok??

With Love, 8:47 AM

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