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Saturday, June 11, 2005'♥

Today's had been a great day..everything went on quite smoothly.. work for a few hours nia.. forgot abt the changing of timing for the service today.. lucky ban chuan called mi..so end up going to the 5.30 service today with chelsia..

Mum and my grandma came and find mi at my workplace... mum bought mi a top tat i like there..after kanna psycho by mi..lolz..happy lei.. got one more new top le..after tat both of them went to eat at DING TAI FENG..walao without mi man.so sad... after work decided to go find dar..passed him the dumpling that grandma made..meet him behind his shop.. and chatted for awhile nia..miss him so much..coz the day before both of us got some misunderstandings...hehe..but everything is fine now.. wished to give him a hug there..but too many ppl there liao hahah

Im so broke rite now..counting down 18 days to payday..there are so many things i wished to buy:

* A bottle of perfume...Davidoff or Contridiction
* A mascara.. Preferably LOREAL de or ZA Cutie Curls
* A set of bra and undies...preferably from LA SENZA
* Rebond or perm my hair..hey ppl gif mi suggestions pls..
* Many tops and blouse from DP and FOX hahahah
* A pair of heels...

HAHA how i wish Santa Clause is here rite now.. to grant mi all these things... im pratically living on bread everyday.. working life haves too much obligations le..haiz...

With Love, 11:52 PM

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