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Thursday, June 02, 2005'♥

Stomach cramp is driving mi CRAZY.. eeeekss. hate tat time of the month man..anyway today is nt a bad day after all...

Suppose to went for the Shipco Second interview.. but last min.. i rejected it.. coz wads the use if i went down for the second interview in the end i nv got it.. read the newspaper.. and the stupid company didnt put in the URBAN copy into mine.. which is my fav section every THUR lor.. arghh.. saw tat WINGTAI group is hiring sales associates.. yeah.. decided to give it a try wit SELYN..

Wierd building it is.. the lift onli serve 10th floor.. wad a gong gong building..reached there and there is already alot of ppl filing up the application form.. and guess wad Selyn saw her malay classmate.. and after tat i saw my classmate NAHA there.. duhz.. ITE BISHAN GATHERING?? chat abt our lives.. haha great to see old classmates.. The interview was ok.. but too bad i tink they mind tat i need to go church on SAT lor.. but i realli hope to work in DOROTHY PERKINS lei.. den hor.. i can have staff discount to TOPSHOP AND DP.. hehe.. see how ba.. next stop is CAFE CARTEL... the interviewer is a nice lady.. and the timing is flexible..

Went to suntec to find something to eat.. and here i am my third day going to a same place.. went to the arcade and saw my cute little winnie the pooh (refer to ourstory for wad happen).. its stil there.. so in the end i spent another five bucks.. and to our dismay it nearly dropped into the hole.. haiz.. we went to secret recipe for brownies.. yummy..saw kelvin stead..and tks selyn for the treat.. when kelvin's stead presented us the bill both of us were SHOCKED!!! its onli $2.95..duhz.. she so good lei..gif mi discount.. somemore this is the first time i talked to her.. realli thank her for tat.. CAFE CARTEL called us up and told us we are IN!! yeahhhh..tat means im not jobless anymore.. yooohooo.. and we were be working in the same outlet at MARINA.. pls come and duoduo peng chang..hehe.. so excited abt it..

Poor dar something happen to him... must take good care of urself k.. thanks for telling mi whats in ur heart.. even if it means small little things.. love ya alot... and im missing u oredi..its just one day onli..

With Love, 10:05 PM

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