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Friday, June 17, 2005'♥

So fast and its FRIDAY!!!..actually no difference to mi oso la..coz im working too lor..hehe.. just finish chatting with ah zhen.. my sec sch frens..im so excited tat my god daughter is going to come to this world le wor.. her name will be Charlotte Lim..hehe.. when i got my pay im going to buy her winnie the pooh de clothes hehe.. glad tat she is handling well wit her pregnency.. and her..tat husband is still working now..going to find her on tues when im off.. i miss her sooooo much man..

Today working is simply toturing.. cant even see the folding table..coz its always full with clothes...the whole place is so messy..and im the onli one station upstairs.. CITI is sick..and tks to our veri genius WITCH she dun even bother find replacement..Judy came and worked wit mi upstairs.. hehe everytime i see her veri happy..coz she like so carefree de..everyday so happy..good temper.. i see her i wonder when can i be like her so carefree..wont get angry.. so ke ai de...thks to witch so in the end 3 ppl do closing.. poor selyn and huimin.. lucky her mood good let mi off on time.. this morning the witch keep provoking mi until i almost wanted to quit nvm...wo rennnnnn.. let mi find a better job first.. haha.. my cousin mi jie come and find mi..and we chatted veri long.. coz tat time no ppl de..then its chelsia.. she is the best sister i have.. she came all the way down just to pass mi money to take cab.. coz today we r nt suppose to be late for the cg.. so i took a cab from tamp to tiong bahru.. power rite..all thanks to chelsia.. i promise to repay her back when i got my pay.. for five years le.she is always there for mi..and im realli touched..i pray for God's blessings to be upon her...

AH koong oso came and find me.. wooo..with her BF wor.. haha.. ya first time saw him.. at first shy shy de..and keep laughing at little things haha...in the end better le.. can talk talk liao.. heard tat he always came down from his camp to accompany hwee koong when she do project in school..so sweet horz... lolz..ok la.. happy to see tat they are happy together.. i shall gib them my blessings.. jia you wor.. srry today too busy le..cant talk much..we shall go out one day ba.. lolz..

Cg was fun.. keep suaning ban chuan... then after tat went to eat at tiong bahru market.. argghgghhh im growing fatter.. so dear u better oso eat alot hor.. coz yao fei yi qi fei..hahaha..tats our MOTTO.. saw our dear selyn and her bf nelson.. coz she today work afternoon ma..so MR NELSON came and fetch her home.. had a little chat at the bus inter..and tats when i saw eric.. diaoz..gathering in bus inter?? lolz.. haha my bus came first..and its home sweet home le.. tmr working morning shift too.. with Jocelyn and WITCH..y must she be wit mi always?? hhaha.. after tat have to rush to church for service.... diaoz.. like superstar lei rush here and there haha...will be serving gloria jeans.. and sunday working wit selyn yeah!!!!

will u pls stopped msgin mi? its veri irritating... and i realli dun wish to talk to u at all lor.. and dun tell mi u miss mi or wad..coz i dun miss u at all.....

Eagerly counting down 4 days to TUESDAY.. my day out wit monster.. muackz...

With Love, 11:57 PM

Lover ♥

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