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Sunday, June 05, 2005'♥

Sad.. my comp is sick again... this time quite seriously ill.. super lag.. wanna open one window and the whole comp is stuck there basically.. so now cant chat in msn le..have to use the web one.. when is my PC doctor MR MONSTER coming to fix my com??

Starting work tmr le.. abit nervous?? abit ba.. coz its not the first time go work le..so abit numb liao.. will be working at FOX MEN and WOMAN..at tampines Mall... so if u guys happen to pop by.. say hi to mi wor.. hope everything turns out well.. sian of finding another job again lei...

Went for the NKF health screening today.. they station in our church carpark.. yeah everything is fine wit mi..except tat im still OVERWEIGHT>>opps... haha and the stupid gong gong nurse.. wrote down my height as 1.57m?? pls lor.. common sense will tell her tat im not rite? somemore i asked her again..and she acted as if im realli tat height.. told the other nurse abt it..and she was shocked to hear tat im 1.57m so she took another reading for mi.. ahhh..now sounds better le.. its 1.68m lor.. tat nurse can go back her kampong le ba...

Read through my planner of last year.. last year this time i was so happily enjoying my holiday although i got attachment but i lived so happily... now?? it seems tat i cant see my future at all.. haiz.. miss monster alot hope tat i wont be working on TUE...coz monster no class tat day.. supposingly to come my hse fixed my com...but now.... haiz..

Lord thank you for the blessing one by one.. i know tat this is the period of testing my patience.. and i shall not waiver or doubt you.. Sorry if i ever do so.. Lord you are my Jehovah Jireh..

With Love, 12:14 AM

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