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Thursday, June 16, 2005'♥

It's my off day.. i totally forgot abt it..until i going to sign out for work yst.. tink ive been working everyday and got quite used to it liao..so it doesn't matter if i work anot haha..

Yst witch was not in store the whole day..we were like so carefree..except for a few DESTROYER...wad i meant by DESTROYER..they are ppl who came to the shop and gif u tonnes of troubles..they will make u fume wit anger and u want to slap their face but u cant..ONE of the example..is these two sec sch ger..they have been trying their clothes..when im having my break..and they simply hog the fitting room..for abt an hour?? keep trying and trying..in the end we had to seperate them..somemore take the clothes liao just anyhw throw..wa lao..mi and selyn was like cant stand them anymore..in the end oso went off buying nothing..for two days str..tat ger have been giving us trouble.. so now she is CONDEMNED...i will remember her face next time she come..we will close shop haha...

Being in retail line realli mould our patience, our strength (coz stand whole day ma), our teamwork (although onli few of us have la), and our cust svc to customer... quite an experience... and now i tink its ok working there..except for the POLITICS part.. we are going to have a major change in our schedule.. witch came out wit one schedule..while fizah came out too..of coz those with brains will choose fizah de la.. tink she will be fuming mad when she came to shop today..anyway..im OFF hahaha.. see how ba..

Going to mit monster out..finally after so long..tink he veri ke lian..have to bring his laptop along..we simply cant tink of a place to go..coz we r both POOR.. in the end we result in surfing places of interest hahaha..pengz..finally the conclusion is to go BUGIS...at first im worry tat he will be veri tired..somemore come all the way east..but since he say he dun mind..then i can onli say ALL THE BEST le..hehe

Going to the bank later..coz my stupid ATM card is faulty..oso to apply for the debit card...then go to WINGTAI to sign my appt letter..they have been chasing mi...lolz..after tat go mit dar..hope it wont rain so soon.... and hope today will be a good day...

With Love, 9:34 AM

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