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Saturday, June 11, 2005'♥

Its been a few days since ive blogged..nothing much happened..except tat im busy working..after working im too lazy to go out..and im sick of this life..hehe

Wanna thanks some buddy who came and accompany..to look for mi..although their main purpose is to LOOK FOR DISCOUNT and buy their clothes haha.. they are..Chelsia, My cousin Mi Jie, Jasmine and trish, wang, kelving and james..time reallli passes veri fast when they came and visit mi lol..

Went for movies wit wang...quite a pretty boring show it is...and after tat go dinner...throughout the movie, i was not myself.. been feeling veri burden abt something... i kept thinking of him...how i wish its we two who are in the movies...

My schedule and he's clashed..when im off he is working if not study until veri late... haiz.. i nv blamed him..coz its not his fault oso...so i tink for the whole week next week i wont be miting him... sad rite?? somemore its our 2 mths anniversary next tue... suan le..i tink if we have faith we can still have other months anniversary rite?? tink my bf is too tired le..he needs some rest...and no matter what u are not lonely..coz u still got mi de... dun bottle up everything to urself k...love ya..

With Love, 8:29 AM

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