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Monday, June 13, 2005'♥

It's amazing how human react to different situation... how everyone have differnt characters... some good some bad...

Was kinda of pissed off by my supervisor.. can say tat she is hated by everyone of us..except one person..lol.. she simply have no brains at all..dunno how to plan schedule.. dunno how to communicate with colleagues..i wonder how she become the in-charge de.. Just becoz she worked in Giodarno before?? well whatever..she better not pissed mi off further.. if not i wil show my true colours de...

Was working halfway..suddenly justin msged mi.. "can check results liao" duhz..y he have to remind mi.. arghhh..shared the news wit huimin and selyn..haha wanted them to share this agony wit mi too..oopz..did i mention how EVIL am i?? lolz....actually wads the use of checking?? coz i wont be going poly this yr too..but one thing tat im worried is the GPA..i hope it wont drop.. if dropped i will dropped too..i realli wont be able to take it de.. heard alot of them didnt scored well.. well im crossing my fingers now..so fast and now it realli marks the end of my ITE education.. two yrs just passed by like dat...wanna Thank God for bringing mi through all these while.. no matter wad i will continually praise HIM...

Gonna have a stock take for my outlet tmr.. start at 8am..damn it lor..so early..and we gonna work 10 hrs again tmr.. haiz.. wo rennnnnnn... jess say she wanted to mit mi for dinner.. hmmmm see how haha..i scare i might need to crawl and mit u.. lolz.. wed going to mit my cousin for dinner..and finally thur is my OFF DAY le.. heheehe..im soooo tired lor...

Dar is going to have a hetic week this week, busy wit so many projects..now is 9.04pm le and he is still in sch..poor him.. and he gonna work more days this week due to lack of manpower.. so kelian.. confirm this week nv mit him le.. missed him until no words can express man..hehe so mushy hor..Grandma cooked Nasi Lemak today...once again she asked him to come and eat..i know its impossible de..so nv asked him today..lolz.. anyway dear u missed it..its so yummmy!!!!...

Im going to check my result once the clock strike 10...lolz.. checking it together with hwee koong and selyn.. all the best ba

With Love, 8:54 PM

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