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Tuesday, June 14, 2005'♥

Im F**king Pissed off with tat WITCH today.. srry i know im a Christian and i Shouldn't be so vulgar..oh come on give mi a break.. Christian do have emotion too!!! well im sorry Lord if i sin against you.. I repent rite now..but just let mi continue scolding her for awhile...

I started work today at 8am due to the stupid stock take.. well it was still ok..and by noon we finish everything.. then we opened the shop all tks to WITCH who say if nv open then the sales veri bad.. everyone was like freaking tired and sleepy.. then worked all the way..By 6.30(supposingly we finish at 6.30 everyday if its WITCH's SHIFT) WITCH told huimin to stay until 7pm..she was like damn pissed off too..coz she had wanted to go find her bf de.. so she came and complain to mi.. I went to tell WITCH im going off le. guess wad she told mi..."who say u can go?"...now alot of ppl u stay until 7pm oso(in a bossy manner) Bloody Hell.. cant she say early?? did she even bother to inform mi?? its so last min.. asshole.. so tat means i worked 11hrs?? stupid Bitch..all becoz of her stupid planning of schedule then we had to accomodate to her timing..wtf is this?? simply a moron..

I had my SUPER BLACK FACE on..and after awhile she came and apologise to me.. FUNNY..u tink i care for your stupid apology?? u had ruined my day totally... Huimin's bf was angry with her..oh man cant he be more understanding?? felt like snatching the phone away from her and give him a good scolding..so demanding..eventually she cant take it anymore she CRIED...ALL BECOX OF STUPID WITCH... witch saw it and came and told us we can go liao... trying to act angel now?? srry u totally dun fit to be one.. i said bye bye to everyone.. except WITCH.. from now on my war with WITCH had just begun.. i give myself three months.. if after three months im not happy.. i shall QUIT..and ask WITCH TO F**K off on my last day.. hahha...

Dexun msged mi something today.. and i felt uneasy the whole morning.. was i tinking too much?? or shld i not doubted him?? im srry if i wronged him..im just way too scared of the word LIE anymore...im having mood swing now..today is not a good day for mi..

Nelson bought Pinkdolphin for SELYN and came all the way to our workplace to deliver it to her.., even though she did not tell him abt it.. so SWEET.. sometimes little act of surprise will make a ger's heart melts..it's been long since i felt tat..lolz..It's easy to say but action speaks louder than words..maybe LOVE REALLI NEED ABIT OF SACRIFICE ba..and of coz tks for buying one for mi NEL... I owe u a carton of TIGER ok?? lolz..

Hope tmr will be a better day..afterall WITCH is OFF tmr.. muahahhaa...I just simply love FISA.. oh ya i forgot to mention tat we work in a fariyland...Selyn is Polly Pocket..Zul is Thumberlina.. Huimin is Rapunzel.. Brent is the BIG BAD WOLF in RED RIDING HOOD... and of coz im the queen and Citi is snow white...and not to mention the character tat everyone hates.. SYAH is the WITCH...

With Love, 8:20 PM

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