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Sunday, June 26, 2005'♥

If you could see me rite now.. u would be looking at a pig gorging on a piece of mango cake... lolz..yeah im getting fatter and fatter each day.. die liao.. need to eat medicine liao haha...TKS to mummy who bought it.. argggghhh

Felt veri sick these two days.. got sore throat.. sianz i hate sore throat lor.. Yst after church met Jocelyn.before meeting her..i was stuck in the gong gong mrt dunno for how long lor..tink ard BUGIS there got accident.. sianz.. dunno how lonely i felt there..ppl got frens to talk to...and i had none..so onli can communicate eyes to eyes with the baby sitting in the stroller opposite mi..guess the poor baby will have a nightmare yst nite hahah..

Met her and we went to fill up the application form at ROTIBOY..actually more of accompanying her lor..coz i tink they all know i still working at FOX lor..so paiseh..then went back to FOX to tell WITCH i wanna change OFF day.. now DEAR u know liao la..actually its mi go and change de.. touched ba..then we went to the nearby MAC teach her on her project..ITE grad teaching POLY lei.. li hai ba..lolz.. coz she know i took ENT before ma..so helped her in her MARKET RESEARCH project.. lolz..going to died of LUNG CANCER.. coz there so many ppl smoking.. its like HAZE lor.. but nvm la.. im a good ger ma..help must help all the way lor..hehehhe...

Today worked Afternoon shift..sianz..see witch whole day.. but she ok ok la.. coz i always siam her de..she taught mi how to do display.... haiz then towards closing something happen..dunno how to explain here.. but its not my fault and citi fault lor.. wadever we oso heck care abt her..then when going home le WITCH came and talked to us..like act friendly..say "wow ur nails so nice ah..u go manicure ah.." idiot oso will know its so BLOODY FAKE lor.. pui..

I miss my monster alot.... and too bad thur selyn cannot off le.. actually we are tinking of fetching our bf together de..but haiz..alll witch's fault..lol... going to watch initial D wit monster.. and its been long since i hugged my BIG MONSTER LE>>MONSTER i LOVE YOU>>>>

With Love, 11:48 PM

Lover ♥

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