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Saturday, June 18, 2005'♥

I had a dream yst... a sweet dream... I dreamt tat i'm getting married in tat dream... trying on the bridal gown.. the smile on my face is so happy.. hehe tink i tink too much le..but i dunno whosse the groom..coz i cant get to see him.. diaoz..anyway wanna congratualte ying ying.. on her marriage wit ROng Hui.. was abit taken aback when i saw their ROM photos.. diaoz.. y so many of my frens marry liao.. im still an old maid...hahahha.. hope tat they will be happy ba..

Did i told u guys i hate lightening?? haha actually is im scared ot it la..ooopz.. today at abt 5am the thunder was so loud.. arggghh i hate it.. therefore im suffering from insomnia again.. going to work soon.. after tat mit dear at clementi and we took bus back to boon lay.. while i go church..guess he must be feeling veri tired and sleepy now.. he woke up at 5am (due to mi) hahaha.. hope he have a good sleep later on....

With Love, 9:01 AM

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