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Wednesday, June 29, 2005'♥

From now on..i shall have a healthy diet..no more late nite supper..no more snacking on fast food..ROTIBOY..and KFC..all becoz of NELSON.. First thing today is to go visit him wit his precious..SELYN..took a cab down subsidies by selyn dear..reached there le.. but our blur queen forget the bed no..so we asked the nurse there...when we told her his name.. she sadi.."oh..its him huh..bed 4.." diaoz NELSON is so popular there.. firstly dun be mistaken not becoz he veri handsome or humourous...becos he is the youngest there haha.. all the other ICU patients were old ppl..

His mum and her fren was there.. but her fren went out coz too many ppl le ba... then lunch came.. porridge and herbal chicken pieces haha.. so blant..his mum fed him..and Nelson was like a little boi.. haha.. Scared him wit ghost story haha.. and he was like "shirley shud up la.. stop it" muahah im EVIL..lolz.. ICU is so boring..no tv no radio.. just machines and still machines.. so Mr Nelson was so boring, he played wit the monitor which showed his breathing and blood pressure.. to draw different shape.. dun blame him he is too boring le.. muahhaha.. from now on he cant eat anything tat is too oily le.. and tink SELYN will get affected soon.. poor him the doctor said he is the youngest to have a heart attack.. coz his heart is blocked by FATS.. Dear monster did u heard tat?? no more late nite supper le hor.. no more oily food..we shall all have a healthy lifestyle..ok ok..hehe

Today my mood was good..i oso dunno y..maybe becoz there wasnt alot of customers..and there is a new ger..we were all trying to be spy.. wanted to test whether is she from GIORDANO..and to our disappointment she is.. haiz.. she belong to the WITCH GANG... this sunday we r going to have a shop meeting.. can shoot out wad we not happy wit..hmm witch u better treat us better..if not....muahahha.. tomorrow gonna work full shift liao.. hope it will be fun too..and hope i will have the strength..hehe

Selyn got her bd present from AHMAD...a polaroid camera!!!! i oso want lei.. although its quite cheap.. last time i got one but i tink its still wit mei qin..haiz.. tink i wont be able to get it back le la.. sad.. if i got a polaroid cam now..i will sure take alot of pictures wit monster and paste it in my room de.. *hint Hint* who wan to be the kind soul?? lolz.. we took a pic in the store shall upload it when our dear ger finish scanning...

I missed monster again.. two more days and i can mit him liao..already planned our itineary..he is like following mi here and there..sorry hor.. going to gif monster a surprise..!!!!! hahaha.. orite..tired le.. gonna rest early tonite.. but nonetheless i need a monster chat to start my day hehe...

With Love, 12:04 AM

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