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Monday, June 06, 2005'♥

Finally manage to gather all my strength and typed this entry... I was sooo tired.. my whole body just cant seems to coordinate...

Yeah i finally started work le.. Worked at FOx Adult.. one of the shops under Wing Tai Holdings.. its located at Tampines Mall...today is my second day..and seriously im damn TIRED le... worked for 10 hours today.. lucky got nice colleagues working together today.. Met Brent for the first time.. he is the one and onli one Male collegue from now on.. Actually got one more guy Darius.. met him for the first and the last time yst.. haha coz he resign.. although this shop is not tat BIG.. but inside got alot of internal conflicts de.. diaoz.. i better stayed out of it man.. recommended huimin and Selyn to work with mi.. haha but the conditions is we must act dunno each other.. today hui min started her first day.. i almost laughed out when i saw her.. but have to act act abit lor.. yeah finally mi and selyn will be working together le.. we will be working till closing tmr yoooohooo.. the job is not bad..except for the standing of long hours.. and oso folding toonnnnnnnes of blouse lor.. coz we have over 3000 diff designs lor.. and when we fold nice nice liao..then those gong gong auntie make it messy again haiz..

Things i like abt this job is tat..im doing what i like.. its not so boring.. can get to mit diff ppl.. got nice music to listen.. when the auntie bought what i recommend i feel a great sense of satisfaction man.. hehe.and most importantly...we full-timers have 5 SHOPPING VOUCHERS of 30% off every month.. so tat means i can shop at DOROTHY PERKINS and TOPSHOP le.. yoooo hoooo.. and oso got staff discount in FOX.. tats my motivation man.. lol.. i would get my first pay at the end of this month.. so no matter what i must continue to jia you wor.. for the sake of money money hehe...

Tmr dar will be coming my house for the first time wor.. poor him have to woke up super early.. he would buy breakfast for mi and my grandma wor.. tink my grandma..will be super happy de..hehe..oso tmr gran will be making rice dumplings le.. those who wan to eat NONYA dumplings.. orders starts now hahah.. yeah dear will be coming to fixed my super infested comp.. haha he sounds so professional just now when he asked mi abt my comp stuff.. lol..love ya dear..tks for sacrificing so much for mi...

With Love, 11:14 PM

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