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Sunday, June 12, 2005'♥

Before i start blogging.. wanna send my congrats to HWEE KOONG!!!!.. yeah..coz yst nite she told mi tat she is ATTACHED le.. haha realli happy for her lei.. hey ger hope tat u and ur guy will be together always..stay happy wor..anything im here to listen to ur problems de...

Started working one week liao..can say up till now im quite used to it.. today was a tired day for mi.. maybe becoz i slept at 4plus yst ba..was chatting with my monster.. hehe another zhen xing hua time slot ma.. there was not a lot of customers today.. and with fizah as the in-charge we r quite free to do what we want.. shes better than the other one haha... when the shop closed..we all took the clothes we wanted to go and try.. so far till now ive bought one blouse le.. still got two other being reserved haha..what am i doing man?? go work or shopping?? love siti alot..coz she is so funni..and ahem..im the QUEEN there dun play play hor.. tmr gonna work morning shift tink i tonite need to sleep early le..if not tmr sure PMS de.. will be missing selyn..coz tmr is her offday haiz...

Monster went for a haircut today.. and he mms mi his pic.. woooow its was veri nice wor..he looked younger now.. yaya liao lor..when i get pay i sure go do something abt my hair le..muahha.. Monster went to collect the tickets today at LOT 1.. we r going to a concert at EXPO in JULY wor.. yeah..im so excited abt it.. just simply loved my monster too much le..

Another day had passed...and a brand new begining is starting soon.....

With Love, 11:23 PM

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