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Sunday, May 08, 2005'♥

Yoo hoo.. before anything wanna wish all the mothers in the world..Happy MAMA DAY!!! guess its still not 12am yet...Wanna thank all the mama for making a difference in their son's and daughter's life.. and esp my mummy!!! yeah..

This yr veri budget..so i decided to cook something for my mama to give her a surprise....and at the same time for my dear.. lol..one stone killed two birds..haha..i did an omelette..nuggets and oso stir-fry the macoroni..papa did the washing up coz i was rushing for time..hahaha he had NO CHOICE..coz he nv bought anything lol.. took the train to CLEMENTI..and mit my dear..he was abit shocked to see that i bought him food..initially he tot we would be eating.. lol.. so sweet of mi rite??? lol..he finished all of it..dunno is hungry or give face la..but who cares?? lol.. then we went to search for mama present..bought a lipstick coz she was complaining the one i bought for her few years ago..finished liao..haha so my dear's hand become a testing board for the lipstick lol.. after that we went to buy cake for my mama..the cake is so nice..and its 18 buckz..there goes all my savings these few days.. haha..then after that time to say bye bye to him le..rushed for another tai liao..haha

meet my mama at JP..she was so shocked when she see that i actually bought her a cake..coz she knew i was REALLI BROKE liao..then she asked mi y this yr i do so much things for her..coz this yr i 21 yrs old liao ma..so must be special..we went to Crystal Jade Kitchen at JP to eat..and she ate my macoroni there too..lol..happy that she like the colour of the lipstick..after eating then we went back tampines..sianz ah.long journey..but ok la..

Reached home..cut the cake wit papa..so heart warming..lol..coz its not onli mama day..few more days oso my mum bd..so we celebrated together..papa loved the cake..and this is the first time he ate two pieces of cake at one time..next time for those who want to buy cake pls go to GLAD TIDINGS CONFECTIONARY..at CLEMENTI INTERCHANGE...coz its the first time since i knew that MR SEE TIOW EE will so support a cake by eating two pieces..and of coz dun judge the cake by the shop front hahah...realli happy that today we three can get together..both their mood all not bad.. realli thank GOD for giving mi them as my parents..although we three all have our faults..but we actually love one another..but seldom show out la..haha

y dun they have a happy daughter's day?? to commenmorate all the daughter's in the world??

With Love, 11:49 PM

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