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Tuesday, May 10, 2005'♥

Took a nap..and the feeling is soo goood..haha coz its so tiring these few days..lol.. had a nice dream..until when i cant bear to wake up//dun ask mi what is it abt..coz i forgot abt it lol...

Hmmm trying hard to study but seems difficult to focus..haiz..oso dunno y..anyway i will be going to the airport to study tmr..alot of ppl can study there but its a miracle that mi and selyn can..haha we went there since sec sch..coz at home there is simply too much temptation le..anyway some ppl veri xin fu...she is now at NELSON's house..revision lei.. muahahha..oops i say out le..haha..yeah ger we two must jia you jia you for this last lap le wor..

Read the newspaper and they show a study that students facing stress like exams tend to have a much higher intake of caffenine..like chocolate...coffee..etc..hey tats so true..its mi..whenever i study i sure drink kopi de..coz im kopisoh ma..lol..and chocolates when im stress..but mi better la..nv take alot wor..

7 more days to freedom...yeah let mi show u the list of places that i wanted to go ba..ive been planning it man..lol

1 KBOX (to sing my hearts out)
2 Bacalavia (to have a nice glass of wine)
3 Fisherman Village /Beaches (to look at the sea..relaz myself)
4 Movies(House of Wax, Monster-inlaw, Divergence(maybe vcd), Amosville (dunnohowtospell la, Initial D (stil long way la hehe)

5 Go chinatown market to eat my fav porridge...awww i miss it..
6 Go Esplanade sit at one of the rest and enjoy the nite view
7 Go Johore to shop shop
8 Go back Batam..arghhhh miss my cousins alot..and my tiffany baby
9 Go Indochine and listen to the band
10 Go Orchard and shop the whole day....

Counting down the every mintues and every sec..faster finish exam ba..ok la.mi going to continue mugging..all the best to myself..dun WATCH TV anymore..hehe

With Love, 7:00 PM

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