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Tuesday, May 31, 2005'♥

Tired is the word to describe how im feeling now.. tired of going for interviews, tired of my boring life... which is basically everyday walking aimlessly down the road.. tired of spending my mum's hard-earned money....

Grandma blessed mi with 10 Bucks today.. i didn't want to take it from her..its so embarrassing to take money from an old lady instead of u giving it to her.. but she keep insisting.... I tell myself one of these days when i got my pay.. I will bring gran to eat her fav dimsum...and i swear i will!!!!

Sorry to heard what is happening to Cindy's family...Auntie is such a kind person.. but this world is unfair.. Bad things happen to Good Ppl.. But nevertheless I'll pray for her and ur family.. this is going to be a great trial for u..continue to keep on walking.. and im sure blessings will come soon.. Let's keep on encouraging each other in our Walk with God... Nothing is impossible with Him!!!!

Went to suntec and marina..and bought onli undies from Dorothy Perkins... Great Singapore Sales..is not happening at the right time..there are so many things which i wished i could have bought it..but.. reality is cruel..went for an interview at my Bf's brother workplace.. its so paiseh..coz i nv talk to him before.. but we all know who we are.. haiz Lame..hopefully can get a reply soon ba...

Miss the carefree times.. miss the childish moments.. miss the happy times.. I began to wonder where have "they" gone to??? Real happiness has left mi a long time ago..

With Love, 10:27 PM

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