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Thursday, May 05, 2005'♥

One week from today will be the first paper for my exam.. Word processing.. the most stress paper..finish four assignments within 2 hrs.. haiz.. got back my CA results..all becoz i forgot to save a stupid document.. in the end i got a C.. first time man..in ITE i got a C..haiz.. abit disappointed...

One more week..and now im still here online surfing the net.. wad a slacker i am.. recently a lot of things happen in my life.. can be happy or not happy.. resulted in the passive spirit within mi.. how i wish i can graduate now.. but nonetheless.. its gonna come soon...

PMS is realli torturing mi.. i wanna thank CINDY for listening to my complaints these few days.. my life realli sux now.. its the same old thing happening..

i asked myself what do i realli want?? what will make mi happy?? but i dun even have the answer myself.. how am i expect ppl to know???

With Love, 8:42 PM

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age Forever 21


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