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Thursday, May 12, 2005'♥

One down...one more to go... I can't sleep the whole night yst..tossing and turning around..its onli until 2.00am that i closed my eyes..and the alarm went off at 5.30am..im feeling so sleepy and tired...not to say the headache as usual..

The worst is over..agreed with what Adeline had said..manage to finish all the assignments..but dun have enough time to check..so i just hand in by faith..no matter what the results..dun wish to tink abt it now..

Feeling damn sleepy rite now..but i need to go church later for the Pst Phill's Seminar..heard from those who went down that its great..and i believe that today sure alot of ppl de..before the seminar..Bro Tze Hwa asked mi to served in Gloria Jeans..lucky dun need to do closing..tink im in love with this ministry..i had no complains abt serving nowadays..Thank God for strength and convictions..Later need to pass Ah Chua our class photos too..so good got free one..tonite tink i will reach home quite late ba..tmr as usual miting Selyn dear to go airport study...hopefully can wake up on time..hee..

My heart is burden with a few matters....feeling quite stressed up and pek chek...sorry for those whom i gave attitude to...dun mean it.. anyway i hope to look for a part-time job str away after my exams.. anyone got lobang??

My tears are turning into time...cant believe its over...honestly tell mi its over..

With Love, 3:33 PM

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