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Wednesday, May 11, 2005'♥

Nothing much..went to airport to study with Selyn at the airport for our OA.. finally manage to copy finish all the notes.. nice weather..not hot and not veri cold..quite alot of ppl studying there..some r abit wierd one...

Feeling veri tired rite now... been having a headached since this morning..tink im fallling sick soon..but pls let mi endure through one more week ba.. tmr is my first paper le..haiz..hope everything will not go haywire ba.. dun ask for much just hope tat at least i got a B for it ba...and hope tat i can finish all the assignments..

God i lift up my exams to You...I pray for peace upon mi..and I will bring glory to Your Name....

Feeling abit moody rite now..dunno is it becoz of the exams or something else..but im quite affected by what he told mi today.. Sometimes its better not to know so much..coz the truth hurts....

With Love, 7:29 PM

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