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Wednesday, May 25, 2005'♥

My whole life now actually revolves around resume, cover letters and agency..ive been doing the same thing over and over again... three agencies called mi up..one is doing logistics in a MNC, customer service in a courier co...and another one is an admin asst but need some simple accounting skills..and ALL of them so HAPPEN TO be IN CHANGI..are they talkin abt the same co?? waiting for news of whether im shortlisted..Selyn dun feel low morale..remember we are always together de.. im sure u get an offer soon and pls be patient....

Read Cindy's entry abt my AH MA...was kinda of sad tat i didnt get to talk to her more before she passed away.. I was pri 3 tat yr... ah ma is not veri close with mi..she dote on CINDY the most..but nevertheless she offered to buy mi a toy last time when my mum actually refused.. of coz in the end i did not buy it..but to mi ah ma is someone who is veri kind..she smokes those kind of ANG HUN which is quite smelly... I remember her staying at our house for a short period..OUt of so many sibilings she dote on my dad alot.. but my tat ah beng dad last time treated her for granted and always fool around.. Always shouted at her.. onli until he married my mum tat he actually changed... I remembered the day when she passed away my dad was the onli person there..mum and mi rushed over but ah ma was being wrapped up le.. kinda of sad not to see her face.. The last day of funeral.. i dunno y..i cried the most...tink most of them also dunno y..coz she is not veri close to mi..but tears just keep flowing out.. the memory of her wanting to buy mi a toy keep appearing in my mind.. how i wished i got the time to know her more.. to bring her out for dinner... No matter what AH ma will forever be in my heart de... Ah ma i missed u toooo....

Dear is realli veri tired nowadays.. he worked after he finish sch everyday..when i saw him so tired and so hardworking..how i wish i can help him but i cant.. haiz.. now he is taking a nap while he is online..haiz.. poor dear...I love him more and more each day.. he is so accommodating to mi..he always kanna affected by my mood... and im so srry for tat.. i missed him alot although its onli 2 days tat we went out..this week is going to be a busy week for both of us.. i wan to hug my MONSTER...

With Love, 2:56 PM

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