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Monday, May 09, 2005'♥

Monday.. basically wasted my time of going sch today..coz the stupid wp teacher is not in sch.. so we basically spent that one hr in class autographing our class photos..

After sch went to Yishun to mit my online fren Huilian.. Aisha they all accompanied mi there too.. tks huh.. yeah finally got my skirt that i bought online from US le.. love it alot...then we went to Toa Payoh and have our lunch.. yeah going out with them is fun..although im the onli chinese they lor.. after that rushed to Dohby Gaut to mit Lena they all.. haha collect another skirt from Rainflower.. so now i got TWO new skirts le wor.. but too bad that time order the size too big..so now the skirt abit veri low lor..but no choice..hehe

Feeling veri tired rite now.. oso dunno y.. tink im falling sick soon le.. have a lot of phelgm in my throat.. and keep having headache.. dar this week worked late again..haiz.. so sian.. tink we wont be miting until thur or next week le ba..coz i oso need to stay at home and study for my exams le.. exams coming le..but still no mood to study..arggghhh..hate this kind of feeling....

With Love, 9:46 PM

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