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Friday, May 13, 2005'♥

The Management has decided to named SHI XING LI, LETTICIA, CINDY as The Smelly Tofu for the rest of the three years..The Management have given her a chance but instead of showing signs of regrets..She ruined it..

Therefore The Management hereby sentence her to THREE YEARS imprisonment in the TOFU STALL...We deserve the right to change and gave her a new name during this period at our own discretion...

This will take effect from MAY 13, Friday...which is also THE COUSIN DAY...haha the three of us decided to named today as our COUSIN DAY..we shall use this day every yr to commenmorate our cousin, appreciate them and love them..no quarrels and disagreement are allowed except after 12 am...

LAME RITE?? haha we onli decided it when we r chatting together at the MSN just now.. but it was realli funny talkin to the both of them...

CINDY - THE SMELL TOFU...she came to this world when im 2 years old..after that ive been seeing her for the next few yrs till she moved to Choa Chu Kang...we often played together and as u can see SHE COPY MY PATTERN OF NAME..im SHI XUE LI SHIRLEY..she is SHI XING LI CINDY hahahah...but nonetheless..she is a mad woman..funni..always act cute..even though its has been proven that she is NOT..lol..love her to the core..we often have the same situation in life.. be it failing our maths..(btw SEE FAMILY MATHS ALL SUX DE HAHA) or even our spiritual walk with GOD..and oso not to mention our relationship with bf.. LOL too many similar point le..

XIAOHAN - THE WAWA (DOLL)...dunno when did she came to my life..the onli thing i know is when she is young she always have plaits..then her eyes big..which makes her quite cute...BUT...its so different NOW..she's not CUTE AT ALL...haha..last time seldom talk to her de..see her face feel like slapping her..haha no la..she got so many dolls and yaya hello kitty to mi.. so i decided not to talk to her le..sobz lol.. we onli contacted each other back i tink one or two years back..since then always go out le..she like to sing,,,sing ,,and still sing..took silly photos with her cam..and always tink that she got SUPERSTAR BF..oH man...give us a break..anyway whenever we got problems cindy and mi we will go FIND her de..she is just like our NANNY...muahaha and the song "Im so happy im so glad..that i found u" is used to describe her...lol.. everytime yaya to us dat she got a tai tai life rite now..haha

I realli Thank God for both of them in my life.. they realli brighten up my LIFE..although sometimes they are LAME...SIAO...BU YAO LIAN..but cousins are for life..so i have no choice but to accept their differences hahah..they are like my frens..there to cheer and encourage us..realli happy that we cousins can remain so close..where most of the ppl didnt even contact their cousins...all right read until here le both of u dun so touched k...

SO every yr de MAY 13..someone pls send mi one stalk of roses and i will deeply appreciate it de ..lol

With Love, 5:04 PM

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