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Saturday, May 28, 2005'♥

Just woke up awhile ago.. having a bad hangover... guess i drank too much yst at the chalet le.. I tink the worst one is NELSON..lol.. he is sprouting nonsense and the second followed by MEISHAN..muahhaha It's been long since i drank so much le.. anyway i had a great time yst. Wished to stay over but haiz.. i tink monster is not veri happy... and oso today need to go church..dun wan to go in a sleepy face.

Yst i talked to monster and i dunno wad a i talked to him..forgot all abt it.. i tink i was sprouting nonsense...and MR MONSTER if i not wrong said he drank one can too.. haiz.. sorry dear if yst i made u worry or wad..remember u having PMS..duhz.. anyway i miss u badly...

My feet were aching..due to the pointed heels i wore yst for interview.. interview was ok la.. except for the SUNTEC one..so professional..haiz.. hope to get the UPS job now.. k la got to go le.. me going to serve as kopisoh le...

With Love, 12:17 PM

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