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Wednesday, May 18, 2005'♥

Im damn F**king pissed off by TP..oops srry hor seldom so vulgar de...but this time veri angry lor..coz of the attitude the Customer Service Officer gave mi when i enquire abt my admission to the school...

Haiz.. They HAVEN EVEN send out the ENROLMENT PACKAGE..so much for checking the letterbox...arghhh... and they say latest will know by end of the month..wad?? can't they say earlier??? coz next week oredi sch reopens..which means:

* I will not be going for orientation. Miss out the FUN>>>

* I will go in later...where everyone already got their clique of frens

* I will get lost on my way in sch..while others oredi know how to go

* I will be looking stupid on my first day of school..eating alone in the canten

* I will need to find toilet myself regardless of how URGENT i am.

* I will be a LONERANGER..arghhh the thought of it makes mi miss ITE LIFE..

This is so stupid where others who apply for NP oredi happily packing their bags for the first day of sch..im still here on the ferry waiting for the boat...hate the feeling of waiting..and i promise if one day i become a CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICER..i will be more polite to ppl enquiring info..have some basic telephone skils de...

Tks TP for giving mi such a wonderful experience... i will definetely be glad to enjoy myself for these few days...without worrying abt opening my letterbox de... lol

** I love my bf...and his purring purring...** >>>lOlx

With Love, 2:15 PM

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