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Tuesday, May 03, 2005'♥

I went to da gu house and visit her yst finally.. heard from my parents..that day that she not veri feeling veri well and she nv eat food at all.. feel so worried for her..and its ard 10 years since i last visited her..so bad of mi..haiz...

Meet Cindy at JP..but as usual i was late..hehe..then in the end she revenge by trying out so many clothes at JENNIFER.. arghhhh so ma fan of her..bought so many things..wan to yaya onlie.. hehe then we went to NTUC to buy fruits for da gu...reached da gu house and saw that she look older than the previous time i saw her.. saw carole.. one of the auties daughter..oh man..that time i saw her she was onli a baby man..but now.. primary three le.. how time flies man.. im so old now..chatted wit da gu for awhile.. then we left the place.. coz wawa miting her "FREN"... dunnno wad we talk abt then talk abt dar..suddenly both of them say wan go see him.. so we took BUS 173 to his wkplace.. but too bad he was having dinner.. onli talk to him for awhile then we need to go off le...

we went to Raffles.. the Lau Pa Sat.. initially veri happy..but in the end something happen which i shall not say.. Cindy and I watched the news while eating..and to our surprise..there is actually FIREWORKS at ESPLANADE in celebration of LABOUR DAY.. so in the end we three chiong there lor.. so many ppl..and there were TAUFIK, YE LI YI...some stars singing.. but when the moment i heard that "FAKEMAN" singing feel like throwing my shoes at him man..haha we took tonnes of photos..lazy to upload here.. u all can view it at www.kerin.multiply.com

We waited and waited..lucky no rain.. sat at the steps near the MERLION.. the stage was at ESPLANADE but we can hear all the songs they sang.. its was performance by the oldies singer YE LI YI..wow her voice veri nice. and its so romantic sitting down there listening to oldies..msged dar abt it..and he was like so disappointed coz he cant see it.. but nvm la..if we can be together...we r able to watch it again 3 more mths from now rite??... when i turn left and right im disappointed to see that two creatures beside mi.. muahahha no la..its actually a blessing to be with them..coz i know that no matter what happens both of them are always there for mi..although we three nv go wti our bf, but we realli did enjoy ourself rite gers??
The fireworks is so much nicer than the NDP de.. and it lasted more than 5 mins.. so happy to see it and its realli veri nice wor..everyone was like so excited there..taking pictures...

Reached home quite late..and i was super tired lor.. realli wanna thank Gilyn for lending mi her cam..got so much things to snap until it was low batt and no memory liao haha...total was 113 pictures altogether..

Talk to dar..and we had our evaluation time again.. haha so happy to hear what he say to mi.. and i promise him i wont anyhow tink and so sensitive from now on le.. love ya

With Love, 12:32 AM

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