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Sunday, May 01, 2005'♥

I was so pek chek the whole day..tink its due to the medicine i ate ba..stopped for a month liao..and now continuing it..doctor say i lost 12 kg?? u believe it?? even i oso dun believe it lor..when i saw the weighing scale...

Tks Chelsia for alwways accommodating to mi.. i know sometimes im a bit unreasonable..but i realli thank GOD for a fren like her..always there for mi de wor.. we went to eat at a chn rest.. she treated mi wor..so nice of her..but i didnt ate much..coz she nv say earlier..if not i would not have ate my medicine le..

Mit MR Bai the tortise to go church together.. haha first time lei he reach earlier than mi..tink he must have crawl out of his house super early ba.. then we took some photos on the bus.. nice nice wor..

After service.. dar call mi.. and he was eating wit his bro at the other coffeeshop..so near yet so far..haiz.. but in the end he came and find mi..we chat chat walk walk awhile and i confessed that im on the pills to him.. in the end he did not mind instead he encourage mi..and say he will donate his liver for mi should anything happen..muahaha touched wor.. onli chatted for abt 30 mins..then have to go le..coz auntie chelsia wanted go home study le..seems like always i mit dar..will not exceed 2 hrs de.. tmr he wil be workin afternoon shift le for the whole week.. haha tink can onli mit him on TUesday..we going to watch movies hopefully.. then the rest of the week i tink i need to stay at home and study le.. realli must jia you le..last sem..

one more week to graduation........

With Love, 1:35 AM

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