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Saturday, May 21, 2005'♥

Got this burden deep down im my heart... Wanted to be accountable to my leader but i cant bring myself to talk to him abt this...coz this means giving up my precious.. giving up ***

But i simply cant... maybe there shouldnt be a start... now the path seems so difficult to continue... i hope to find a balance point between the both...my precious...

Dear wrote a veri touching entry in our blog.. the momemnt i read it.. tears roll down my cheeks again.. arghhhh..dun so good to mi lei.. tks for being there for mi when im down..letting mi scold u always haha...

Tink im gettin used to the fact of not going to POLY le..frens ard mi and of coz my coussie have helped mi and encourage mi alot.. now i know who is my TRUE frens... trying to look for a job le..got a few offer but im stil tinking..anyway if u guys got lobang can stil tell mi.. of coz the best is to be a tai tai...if u all know any OLD uncles who want a wife..call mi man... lol..

Im release early today from ministry..tks Bro Tze Hwa.. haha tink he see mi like veri tired ba.. and oso got alot of ppl do closing...supper pissed off by an auntie lor.. haiz suan le... love my ministry alot.. and the members.. good news good news..from dec onwards my church will shift toooooooooo SINGAPORE EXPO..WOOOOOO which means i onli need 15 mins to go CHURCH...not the 1hr15mins now..YEAH>>> love PST KONG tooooooo much le.. all the best to ppl living in the west... wad goes ard comes ard...muahhaha..and in 5 yrs time we will have a BUILIDING IN THE TOWN!!!!!...which means.. after svc go ORCHARD fellowship..wooooo.. great great.. but all these needs sacrifice.. but i dun mind... coz i know im doing all these for my Precious

With Love, 11:47 PM

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