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Tuesday, May 17, 2005'♥

Finally two years of ITE education is over..today shall be the last time that i wore my sch U... finish my last paper finally.. took some pictures with some of the teachers before i went out of the school gate.... as i walked out of the school gate.. memories of the first day of sch came to my mind.. indedd time passes veri fast...

listening to Jolin's new song.. tian kong.. nice song...depicts how im feeling rite now.. LOSS....

Graduate le.. now dunno what to do.. all tks to TP who nv reply our application..sch will be starting in one week's time...what is these?? my future seems so far away... so blurred... if i nv receive a reply from them..i dun care le im going to look for a job.. and if the reply come i dun care le..gonna work and not study le...

Whatever it is..im gonna rest today and enjoy the day... tmr going out with my baobei they all happy.. and thur if nothing goes wrong..go sing ktv with my MR KEITH... fri go cg..sat serve Gloria Jeans..left Sunday and Monday...xh we go out on Sunday?? lol

With Love, 1:59 PM

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