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Friday, May 13, 2005'♥

Dunno y suddenly got the urge to listen to oldies...esp the song Yesterday Once More by The Carpenters...tats my fave oldies...yeah once in a while listen to oldies is oso not bad..saw an article in the newspaper..and tat results in the urge suddenly...

Saw the articl on the MR NI, the taiwan comedian..on his funeral yst.. many famous ppl went to his funeral..include the politician...and oso not to forget Ah Mei..who sang Unchained Melody at his funeral...Amazed at how depression can realli ruined a person's life....and that leads mi to what im studying rite now...STRESS AND CONFLICTS AT WORK..

Ppl react to stress and pressure differently...here are the four types of reaction:

FREEZE - These type of ppl tends to immobilized under pressure. They fear making the wrong decision..and have the deep desire that someone will take control over their responsibility. A tendency to feel overwhelmed by the multiple options tat are being presented. Do not have confident in themself, execessive checking and rechecking of their work. Normal problem-solving and prioritising skills are forgotten.

Flight - These type of ppl feared of being trapped or attacked. They would tend to avoid stres-producing problems. Tends to leave reponsibility to others. When unable to phsically escape they would retreat in their own fantasy. Unreliable, irresponsible, unstable work history and problems with absentism. Likes to procastinate their work or project.

Fight - They tend to be aggressive and involved in conflicts. Blame is often placed on others before others blame the fighters. Past mistakes and gossips of others are raised. Subtle or blatant intimidation is used to find safety. Appeared to be strong and self-assured, but usually have many self-doubts..and high expectation of others.

Submit - They are usuallly a caretaker who wants everyone to be happy and is therefore willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of that perceived good. This will take a toll on the person and if its long-term they might suffer from mild or severe depression.

Haha like im teaching on these man..those who are having exams..this will act as an revision..so after reading which type of person are u?? my bf is the submit one..so i tink he will be mad soon...lol no la.. he veri wei da one lol..

For mi lei.. i tink i got a mixture of fight and submit..becoz after i say out abt the things i not happy..in the end i wil still do the job..to make everyone happy..muahhahah lame lor.. but i tink the worst one is the FLIGHT type..so irresponsible and selfish.. hope that urs will not be that wor.. tag mi wad is ur type ba...lol..

With Love, 2:02 PM

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