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Saturday, May 21, 2005'♥

Dreams shattered... Loss... Indecisive...How bad can it be?? but no matter what happen i will continue to Praise the Lord continually...

The Devil tempted mi today...saying "Where is ur God, when u most needed Him?" "Why is He not helping u at this point of time?".... At that point of time I was tempted to agreed with The Devil... but the Holy Spirit came in time.. I rebuke the Devil saying.."This is a momemnt of trial and im sure i can walk through it..A moment of testing to test the character of SHIRLEY SEE....I felt the Devil defeated instantly....

We went to Tp to submit our appeal letter today..together with Selyn's dad..He is a good dad..in fact more concern than his daughter haha.. but the answer of the admission officer seems to disappoint him once and once again.."Im realli srry we dun have any vacancy...maybe u shld try next yr?" to them its onli a yr..to us?? we went tru so long just for this day..and now?? wads the use of planning ahead..whats the use of applying for the PPE thingy?? The part im angry its becoz then dun bother to inform us at all..make us wait like a FOOL..whatsmore they dun even gif a minimum of 10 vacancy to ITE STUDENT..its just a basic respect....respect for students who will nv gif up even though they failed their Olvls...

After being demoralised by the staff there.. the four of us..dun pin in too much hope le.. the death sentence is next fri.. but of coz..i believe in MIRACLES..we went down to Riverina JOB angency to fill in the application form hopefully can find a job soon.. Went PS walk walk but everyone was like feeling so lethargic.. cg starting at 7pm and we left at 4.30..initially wanted to go find dear..but i tink he shld be quite tired after a long day..

The MRT reached Raffles Place.. I walked out of the station.. and went to sit at somewhere near the Singapore River.. listening to my MP3...Tears fell uncontrollably... but its onli at there.. i made a decision to my future.. I decided to find a permanent job.. whether to go in Poly next yr anot.. i dun care le.. tot abt so much stuffs there.. its good to have sometime for U and URself... A guy propose to his gf there..so romantic.. a couple taking their wedding photos there too.. looking at the smile on their face..the happiness they had..is beyond description.. how i wish to have that kind of smile one day.....

Cg was great.. and i wanna thks Ban Chuan for sending mi his resume.. to let mi had reference.. currently got a job offer by Karen.. as an admin asst.. pay not veri high..but the colleague is mostly from church..and somemore i got Karen wit mi.. not sure im still pondering..

God enlighten mi on my path pls...show mi the purpose.. I dun wan to Be LOST anymore....

With Love, 12:37 AM

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