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Wednesday, May 04, 2005'♥

Argggghhhh.. hate being a woman..have to suffer these and that.. damn it.. been having the stomache cramp since yst morning..dunno what happen this month..super shiong lor.. lol..did not went sch..not feeling quite well.. sianz..next week exams coming le..im still here slacking.. haiz..realli no mood at all lei..

Went to watch Creep with my bf yst.. haiz. not veri nice wor the ending.. and the whole show.. more rats than the actor..and no storyline de..so its not recommended..actually wanted to watch divergence..but the timing is quite late..but nvm ba. tink still got chance de next time rite dear?? hehe then we went to ate at the coffeeshop above Bishan Bus interchange..after that is home sweet home.. been so pek chek with my dear..but then im glad he understand.. he msged mi something that is so touching.. and i realli wanna thank him for everything..

Actually wanted to go and find him for dinner de..but then.. coz of the waterfall so in the end didnt.. guess i realli got to rest well..feel so tired..somemore got sore throat..wad a day...

anyway now my dear and i have a blog le.. its called ourstory.. lol... feel free to go and see wor..

With Love, 4:09 PM

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