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Thursday, April 28, 2005'♥

Today is mei mei bd..just wanna wish her happy birthday wor.. last yr of teens le.. so must enjoy while you can...

We went to Toa payoh a bubble tea shop to celebrate her bd.. the food okok la..the drinks?? forget it lor.. i tink last time mi at Happy Cup can do better drinks than that..somemore its so ex man// Congrats to Hwee Koong the Poly called her..and asked her down for interview.. ya heard that she did quite well..so hope to see her in poly wor.. samn poly different course..btw i still haven receive the reply for the poly, I pray hard that i will get in wor..

Tmr is the date due for SOP project.. my final project before graduation.. hope tonite can piang everything out.. coz got some ammendments... anyway wanna say srry to xh and cindy..suppose to mit them to go visit da gugu just now..but last min alot of things to do..and i tink im veri tired too...

Dar is veri tired today...tink he not feeling well.. coz he always talk to late with mi..resulted that he does not have enough sleep everyday.. feel kinda of bad..hope he will get well soon.. and i realli realli miss him alot.. hope to see him soon..

With Love, 7:22 PM

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