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Tuesday, April 12, 2005'♥

Monday...starting of a new week.. had a good start today.. went to sch as usual.. without dragging my feet..coz i got a good rest on Sunday.. Mit seline to go sch today..ya we were talking then suddenly tot of going to walk walk after sch on TUE.. hehe coz i finish sch early tmr... so long nv go out le.. i was so happy abt it lor..going to have steamboat man.. wit my cousin..coz she oso feel like eating..hope we will have a good time out wor.. hehe..

Got two hour break in btw..so we went out of sch to eat as usual..talkin along the road..then suddenly uncle david call mi..and say he saw mi..oops..so no image..hahaha yeah btw uncle david going to buy car soon le wor.. so must know how to zuo ren le..muahahah.. back to our lunch.we went to eat at a coffeeshop..ate fishball noodle..and yeah its realli fishball and noodles nia..power lor..cant finish it..coz the noodles is like almost free so much lor.. then we went to walk walk at J8.. we were shopping walking around.. then suddenly got the feeling of eating DURIANS.. muahaha so we went to buy Durians muauhahah and decide to bring back to school..yummy... reach sch..GIlyn and Jess went to take things for AH LOH..then mi and HK was walking up the stairs..when one horrible voice call out my name..AH HENG man..oh man... she going to confiscate my nice nice DURIANS..asked mi to get back from her after school..hahhaha

stupid keeping thinking of it during OA lessons... then decided to give it a try..we go down to ah heng office..and she was talkin to another section head..so while she is talking..we just took the durians..and here we are..wooooo..went to a deserted classroom and we had our FEAST there..woo so shiok man.. all yellow meat somemore..delicious..

Sianz..consequences?? i tink im going to have a sore throat soon.. my throat is feeling dry..damnit..hahahahhaa

With Love, 12:03 AM

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