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Tuesday, April 19, 2005'♥

Im too tired to blog...just got back from the CCA Bridge Leader's Farewell party..so fast and I've been in this CCA for 2 yrs... anyway I enjoyed myself today..took alot of pictures.. and Wanna thank the juniors for putting in so much effort for the mask...

He did not work today.. and he msged mi in the morning until nite.. and Im kinda of touched by some words he told mi.. Time..is all we need now.. I dun wish to rush..I dun wan to regret.. He called mi..but i miss it..coz i was too busy taking photos just now..but i called him back..and its so comforting to hear his voice.. He asked mi to go the chalet.. but i dunno his frens.. i wished..but i got sch..haiz.. im falling, falling deeper into a hole with no regrets...

With Love, 10:54 PM

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