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Sunday, April 24, 2005'♥

Feeling so tired and lazy today.. Reached home ard 1am yst..coz i served in Gloria Jeans yst.. did the closing and stuff..then took a Mecz cab home together with En Long, Betsi..and a ger i dunno her name..coz she's from Usher ministry.. En long wanted to send mi to my doorstep..but i didnt let him do that..coz its so troublesome and the uncle need to wait somemore need to walk some distance.. but anyway thank him for his sincerity..

Yst business was not that good.. tink maybe its becoz the service ended early ba.. anyway i've changed cell group..and tats quite sad..no more hong peng and elisha..no more jokers le.haiz.. Chelsia and mi will be joining a Tiong Bahru cg..sianz..and its on FRIDAY.. no more going out le..haiz.. and the leader is Ban chuan.. hmm dunno him veri well..anyway hope that we can know them more in the meeting ba.. Jerry got to stay wit Bro Kelvin and Eric..so good haiz.. Some of them cried..some of them happy wit the change..kinda of contridicting huh? anyway for mi.. i tink im gotten use to it le ba..its not the first time that im changing cg..just that i will miss Elisha, he will always send mi home after cg..and we will buy drinks at 7-11 and talk talk.. haiz..suan le..

We did not chat yst..coz he was tired and i tink he needs rest..need to work so early in the morning somemore.. but the feeling of missing someone is so toturing.. he has become part of my life le.. i dun wish for much..i just wish that.. we can be together....Always...

With Love, 4:47 PM

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