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Sunday, September 12, 2004'♥

SOng im listening to: With all I am by Hillsongs

Did nothing much yesterday.went Bugis with Chelsia.. tink we r both mad liao.. haha we took neo-print for 3 times,.,, coz the first two not nice de hahaha...then waste alot of money haha.. lucky is chelsia treat de.. coz she gt her pay ma... lol.. and guess wad we took pic until we forgot the time.. and we missed the first bus going to church,,, lox,, and we were abit late.. kanan lecture by Eric.. haiz.. after svc they went to eat at coffeeshop but i nv eat then Eric tot i angry wit him.. haiz.. had a hard time explaining that im not.. lol

Gong gong cum find mi adn we went to eat at a hawker,, tks ah... Actually wan call Paul cum wan.. ppl busy wit computer lei.. hahah... so tao man.. i tot i more important then computer lol.. anyway after tht went to see aeroplane... and then go hm... hmmm so sleepy hahaahhaha.... srry ah ka jiao u for the whole nite.. lol..

With Love, 2:59 PM

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