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Tuesday, September 14, 2004'♥

Song im listening to: U n Mi

Rainy day again.. woke up early today to go Seline's house to take the cd drive haiz my cd drive spoilt lei.. yao cumin my hsse to fix today.. Saw her cousin baby..woo so cute lei.. and he keep smilin at mi.so bubu wor.. haha

Mit Emerly and Bunny first coz i reach early ma.. haiz. then we go Library to borrow books and I borrow a book on Stress Management..can say its a gd wan// exactly wad i need to know now..hehe then Hk reach liao..we went to Popular to buy papers for the project..Xw didnt cum she say she stomache,, poor ger ...

Reach Gilyn hse oredi quite late liao// then we were printing the project for the whole day.. yes whole day jux to print 14 paper.. power rite.. haha coz her printer was soooooooo sloooooow... wa realli sianz lei.. and the colour.. run colour liao.. haha no choice other than her no ppl can use liao.. We went to Rivervale plaza to buy lunch.. guess wad jux as we finish buyin started to rain heavily liao.. zz no choice lor.. we were drenched man.. haiz.. wad a day///

Mit yao at Pasir ris interchange.. he was LATE!!!!!!! again lor.. everytime like dat wan lor.. still dare to msg mi say its to cultivate my patience.. wad the.. fine lor.. haha today need his help dun quarrel wit him.. haha.. But in the end he treat mi drink bubble tea la.. so still nt that bad..Wow he realli veri pro in com lei.. fix here and there/// within one hr.. ok liao.. and All the pieces of the cd stuck inside the drive is out.. SUPERMAN!!!! hehe.. then we play wit wei si and zhiying.. he like zhi ying better... hmm everyone tink wei si cuter lei..hhaha///
Christine bought a webcam.. adn the bth of us were like laughin lor.. coz her face gong gong de..(she dunnnno yao was there)// so she pose gong gong pose hahah///
Never sent him downstairs to take bus... then suddenly he called mi say he wait the bus so long until he du lan.. and he walked to interchange..power lei him.. nv got lost.. hahaha// When he reach hm laio.. yaya his webcam to mi.. zzz all ppl yayaing to mi their webcam today.. I oso want!!!! lolx,,,Mi jie msg mi ask mi wan go back bATAM THIS SAT MA??.. haiz i dunno lei... i oso veri confused

OkOK I wan go rest liao..

With Love, 11:03 PM

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