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Monday, September 06, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: Shoo Shoo Shoo by Ou de yang..

A woman;s fate

Dunno why I keep listening to this song..tink Im addicted to it. Yeah.. firstly wanna congratulate Kelvin..yeah finally passed his motor liscence after 2 attempts..reali happpy for u wor.. so next time muz know how to zuo ren liao//

Was talkin to one of my fren.. feel tht she wierd wierd de.. so ask her.. so shocked to hear that she quarrel wit her bf and was anger mi the most is that her stead pinch her until the blue black was so big and swollen... FARK him man.. how can he PINCH my fren.. si bian tai..hate this kind of jerk man.. When I saw the thing my tears almost came out.. so ke lian..Thats it!! from now on that guy is condemn,, Fuck him dun expect mi to smile and be friendly wit him anymore..hate this kind of guy who vent their anger on woman.. tink wad ppl oso got mother give birth lor.. even the mother oso cant bear to do such a terrible thing.. Now oredi like that if next time how?? I tok to her ask her to break wit him liao.. but she say this is the last chance.. haiz.. realli dunno wad to say liao..all i can say is all the best lor..*ARGH*.. jian nan ren..

Went hm wit jessie saw Mrs Heng my section head..chat wit her for quite awhile..hmm find that she veri wei da oso lor..Often ppl will tink that Section Head sure earn alot and live luxuriously.. but she is different..Her children nv get to enjoy all the comfort that their classmates have/// Hmm tink her method of teaching is gd.allows the children to be independent..jia you wor

wOman often is the one who suffers the most..y is it we woman so ming ku..have to give birth, got period, teach children, nv got appreciated by man...I hate all the guys man..-_-

With Love, 8:13 PM

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