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Monday, September 13, 2004'♥

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Well woke up quite early today coz today going to go xw hse do project.. suppose to mit for breakfast in the end one by one all woke up late.. and onli mi and emerly go eat together lor.. haiz.. haha anyway we ate the vegetarian food.. yeah its nice.. and so full man,, until 8pm then i ate my dinner hahh...well did our Pr project for the whole day...some of them were watchin Cinderella.. haha i find it lame so i type my project lor...after the project we went to Eastpoint to walk walk.. and go to the pet safari.. wooo the doggy is sooooooo cute,, hehe so ke ai lei..wish that I own one of them man.. lolx..

Mit seline at tam inter.. she wanted to buy skirt and some groceries.. and I wanted to Go Ebase ma..coz got sales,,, haha tam outlet cheaper wor.. I bought 2 blouse one is 15 one is 20.. hehe so nice wor.. love it alot.. been wanting the 15 buckz blouse for so long liao.. but that time i saw is 49 buckz damn ex lor.. now is soooo cheap lucky i nv buy that time if nt I will vomit blood de.. haha.. went Metro walk walk.. guess who I saw haha.. Mrs heng wor.. my section head.. she was in the Lingerine dept,, haah kanna caught red handed.. lolz/// chat awhile then we go NUTC which is our last place to go.. hehe saw siew kiao.. last time my colleague.. hehe she is still so cute.. nu ren yue lao yue ke ai wor.. hahaha...then went hm after that.. hmmm one day jux passed like this haiz... still left 6 more days haiz.. Im so scared... so fast wan sch reopen liao...then all the stress will be building up again.. dunno y when i flip my E-biz notes.. I dun have the motivation at all to study.. and this time I knw I won get results like last sem liao.. haiz.. My results dropped liao.. where is my motivation??? haiz.........................

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