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Thursday, September 09, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening TO: NONE


How i wish stress can become dessert.. haiz Im so stres now man.. Projects, Projects and still Projects man..wad the f**K dun they know we r so busy..One week holiday all fully book man.. not a single free day..ARAGHHHHHH... 4 projects and a test all after the one week holiday mux submit. wa kao.. Then somemore all so difficult to do one..wad Environment Analysis man...wad the H**L.. srry ah been feelin veri F**Ked up man..need to vent my anger..

I was feelin so bad man coz I fail my word processing.. wa lao lor...YYYYYYYYYYYY??? usually type quite fast then now I so slow .. sob sob.. Jux now Eric and Chelsia came my house..for bible study.quite fun..except for the stupid mosquitoes keep bitting mi.. nvm I ren lor.. and then yue bite yue shung man.. ahahhhhh I wan aircon man..sian now they still bitting mi,, no mood blog lioa.. I wan to go xiao mei ta meng liao.. stupid mosquitoes U'LL BE DEAD>>>>>

With Love, 6:37 PM

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age Forever 21


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