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Thursday, September 02, 2004'♥

SOng Im LIstening To: Ming Ming hen Ai Ni By ping Guan n Fish Leong

This is a story abt a ger and a boi...the ger is older than the guy 2 years.. Since the day they knew each other they bth have good impression of each other.. The first time they went to s-11 and eat supper(with a group of frens), and then go to a nearby carpark to play games">games,, it was so fun.. Since then they bth have some feelings for each other. SInce then, they always go out in a group and they enjoy all the moments together.. bth have feelings but dun dare to say out// Whenever the guy got probelms he will confide to the ger...and when they go out they will hold hands,, sometimes..

The happy days lasted for a yr plus.. The ger cant take it anymore.. she was thinkin since the guy like her y doesnt he express to her.. she feel so sad.. so she decided to lie.. and it was a bad wan.. she tole to the group of frens that she is attached..(the guy was there too)..everyone was so shocked.. and all of them congratulate her.. including the guy.. her heart sank.. when she was walkin back hm..the guy msg her.. "actually I love u alot",,,the ger heart was so happy, but it was too LATE.. she need to continue to lie..The guy cried.. and called her lao po for the last time... that nite the guy stead wit another ger huiling..but he dun like her at all...when the ger knew it she more sad..days passed..when the bth of them mit up it was like somethin holding them back.. they nv tok much.. One day the guy told her he broke off wit huiling liao.. and the ger decided to tell her the truth...In the end the guy forgive her and they r together..

They were so loving.. and their frens were happy for them too.. the guy came to the ger hm.. (alot of ppl came and stay overnight too).. while their frens were sleepin..they were chattin// chatting abt their future.. and they kissed... yes it was their first kiss..The ger was so happy and deep in her heart she loved the guy deeper///

Days passed and bth of them seldom mit// one day when the ger was conferencing with her god brother.. she overheard them tokin abt the guy// abt the guy havin lovebytes over his neck.. her god brother intend to keep it from her.. But too late she heard it...It was huling..bth of them still got contact..and the guy was cheating her..the ger cried and from then on..They broke off.. up till now the guy still dunno wads the reason behind it..they were nt that close anymore..in fact the ger hates him!!!

Another yr passed...They were jux frens now...sometimes went out but not like last time anymore//yst the ger found out tru his frenster that he had a new stead now..bth of them r so loving..Memories of how they first knew each other flood her mind. The ger suddenly feel veri sad..she always tot she had given up on him..but in fact she's wrong..she still have feelings for him.. why he can express himself to other gers but not her??.. SHe wrote a testimonial wishing them all the best.. but deep inside her heart.. it was broken...she had too much bad memories......

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