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Sunday, September 05, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: Left outside Alone by Anastacia

Left Outside Alone

Hmmm.. +yawns+ jux woke up awhile.. Yesterday 12 plus then reach hm..hehe but had a great time..so long nv mit my God-bro liao.. mit him at Bugis and we go find my another God-Bro shun. Haiz as usual he still veri thin.. This time tok to him longer coz that Bastard tokin to his sister,,Shun say he veri long nv go out chiong liao.. he's stuck in the damn shop everyday.. Fuk that Bastard..Its been so long since we went out wit him..I hope this yr his bd we can go out wit him...thats my bd wish.. I hope that all of us will go out together like last time.. Bought a pair of Piglet bedroom slippers..hehe from 9 buckz he gave mi discount so in the end onli 5 buckx nia... Went to mit my sista Ada, Sheera, Mary they all... lol as usual they r still so funny esp Ada..lol..

All tks to Ada.. he gave her fren Ian my number..and he is one yr younger than mi.. now he always call mi..and he say wanna jio mi,,, o_0.. impossible la.. he stiill veri childish abit,, lol.. I say we shall remain frens.. haiz but he keep callin mi.. tks ah Ada wad a great gift man..lol

With Love, 1:46 PM

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