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Sunday, September 12, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: If I ain't got u by Alicia keys

Hmmmm.. so sian today I was at hm the whole day, slack the whole day man.... was tokin to Tb almost the whole day.. haha a person i jux knew frm frenster... well quite interesting,,but his fren say he got attitude problem... well i dun care wor... nt my bf la..

Hmmm xiang yi wei ming wit my papa today la.. my mum went church..haiz.. then my dad gong gong go and buy stupid cutlet rice for mi.. haiz 3.8 lei.. so ex.. haiz oredi so broke liao.. seline called mi say that tampines E-base the store renovation sales wow so tempting,, argh no money lei.... y y when i most broke..so many ncie clothes down there...

With Love, 10:07 PM

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