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Wednesday, September 01, 2004'♥

SOng Im LIstening To: Emotion by Destiny Child


It was raining heavily now when I was typing my blog..listening to one of my fav songs.. everything seems so peaceful.. I jux finish doing my chocolates..yeah can say that this time veri successful.. got different shapes too.. I added oreo biscuits inside.. hehe I tink Im bringing to school to let them taste abit..

Feeling veri burden deep inside my heart, I oso dunno why... Dun feel like doing anythin at all.. Hope to slack my day tru.. but too bad later got cell group.. need to prepare and design the cert... haiz im so lazy now... Havin a ca next wed..and here I am sooooooo lazy to study nothing to motivate mi at all..I tink this term my results will sucks... really lor...

This few days I nv tok to him.. seems that he always call mi at the wrong time,, Im always at the wrong time/// I tink he feel that Im neglecting him ba.. haiz..

With Love, 2:44 PM

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