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Thursday, September 02, 2004'♥

SOng Im Listening TO: Desert Rose

Today was a hetic day for mi.. sweat a lot man.. and walk the whole day.. in the morning suddenly mrs tan came to our class ask us to get ready..we r going to SAFTI ARmy Open House.. diaoz..so last min then tell us..so we quickly get ready..

Wa so many ITE and sec sch there man..and of coz alot of ah bing ge man.. wa some veri shuai wor.. haha Saw Azard, bing song, Jackson they all there muahah..Jakson in charge of refreshment wor. Listen to a stupid talk for an hr.. haiz waste time.but the speaker warrent officer so macho wor..too bad he is label married..muhaha. Sian after tht they say nt enough time so can onli go walk walk for 15 mins.. haha but we dun care it was so fun there..I tink mi steph zheng gilyn is the most enthusiastic wan.. hahah we walk ard like mad woman ... manage to got into some tanks and trucks.yeah fun man.. Like the moblie operating theatre the most..so fun.haha..some ah bing ge oso veri friendly wor..we walk and walk until emerly called us time to go back le wor..so sad man haben play enough...All thks to swee pak,, we waited half an hour for the stupid bus.. gong gong nv say properly.. ppl all gone liao onli left us hsaha.. so many army guys waving at our whole class.. and we oso wave at soem of them.. haha overall it was fun man.. i tink its been so long since our class go out as a class..

When everyone reach sch was like so nua.. somemore got SW lei.. haiz..but I om lor.. dun feel like running.. poor darlin.. his cigarettes put in the shirt pocket.. and got caught by Mr Koh.. but luckily he onli warn him.. but the ciggs were confiscated haha serves him right for being so forgettful.. lol..

Eric came my hse hae dinner after the bs lesson.. then we ask Marcus cum too.. so happy that he RECEIVED SALVATION today man.. happy for him man..haha so tired now.. nv study again.. die le die le.. tmr gg to Suntec and let ppl do our Project's survey// for those who passed by mux help us wor.. hehe

With Love, 10:18 PM

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