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Thursday, September 16, 2004'♥

Song Im listening to: 91.3fm

Chelsia borrowed mi her laptop yst nite.. haiz I was doing Wp until 3am lor.. no choice today she need to use it for her assignment too..but still wanna thank her.. for bringing her laptop all the way from NUS to mi.. thanks ger.

I created a private blog for myself... my darkest secrets will be exposed there.. no ppl has access to it.. i tink that blog skins nicer than this lor.. anyway i spent one hr doing that man.. so troublesome..

Holidays still left abt 4 days le... haiz tink that throughout this week I haven even relax abit.. Hope later Chelsia will be free,,, feel like going to Coffeebean to have a coffee and chat there/// so long nv relax myself liao...these few days i bind with projects and assignment.. sianz.. life sux totally for mi now....

K la I need to go mit Eric for bs liao.. will update my blog tmr ba.. anyway tmr the 7 sisters will be having a outing to take photos at Esplanade// tink last min sure gt ppl cant make it wan.. haiz used to it le..

With Love, 1:06 PM

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