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Saturday, September 11, 2004'♥



Jux finish typing my Wp project... time now was 12.31 am.. haiz damn tired and sleepy man,, guess im going str to my bed after bloggin...

Went Suntec wit ooi leng seline and mi...OOi leng wanted to buy 2 presents for her frens and mi and seline wanted to go eat steamboat.. Last day of the term..my one week holiday shall start now.. haiz.. but oso no use lor... whole week bk by projects and homeworks.. might as well dun give man... Well sad to say today the steamboat is Vietnam wan.. so we nv go// haiz// went shop shop// and saw two nice blouse at E-base man.. and they r havin SALES!!!! *Argh*** wa lao eh..y everytime when i damn broke got so many temptations wan.. not fair man..Ooi leng wanted to buy a tube but the outlet here no M size so in the end we went to Bugis.. haiz but last piece left nia.. guess wad in the end she dun wan.. ZZZ -_-|||... then went shop shop again.. so one nice watch at Swatch 73 buckz nia...seline and mi like it alot hehe tink when I got my bursary and she got her Scholarships we will bth by the same watch..yeah.. OOI Leng that nv give up ger in the end went to Orchard alone to search for that tube.. she reminds mi of the "never say die attitude" hahah..We went to V8 to eat..yeah nice food..and we bth were so full man.. heng we go early..when we got out the queue was so long lei..After that went back tampines mall shop shop///woo.. my leg was aching again.. and my bag weigh abt 3 kg lor.. @_@ Gilyn where r u?? I need ur massage!!!! hahah...Seline told mi that Jason was gettin married on Sunday. my whole Jaws drop lor.. diaoz... so fast??? not becoz fo shotgun but becoz he tinks he can settle down liao.. diaoz.. anyway wish him all the best... anywya he onli be together wit the ger for 2 weeks nia.. jia you wor..and for Seline.. stop showing attitude to Nelson.. he realli cares abt u.. he msg mi 2 times liao.. :p

I was damn pissed off jux now by someone I shall not named it..I jux came hm.. wihout even warming my seats..came and msg mi and tell mi nonsense.. as if my fault man.. wadever it is I shall not care so much after all onli left 8 more mths ma.. wad for go care so much.. after that everyone will lead their own life....sick and tired man -_-

With Love, 1:58 AM

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