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Friday, August 27, 2004'♥

SOng IM Listenng to: an jing by jay chou


Found out that another one of my secondary schoolmates is married, well I jux wanna wish her all the best... Wei si today ask mi "jie jie when are you going to get married?" Today hwee koong emerly and mi is chatting abt out parent's marriage.. Seems like my whole world today is revolving around the word "marriage." I also dunno whether will I get married one day.. I feel that its so far away from mi.. and I got some hidden fears abt it. Marriage is a commitment, marriage is not only between 2 ppl, marriage might not last forever.....

My classmates all say that Im having depression these few days... I can laugh and be sad at one time... I also dunno y.. Been slackin the whole day no lesson at all. but too bad cant go hm early at all.. Our class need to attend a pre-marital sex talk..Did a survey and I found out that Im that kind of gf who prefer guys that helps mi in little things and sometimes do little gifts for mi and I will be damn touched..IT was fun.. and I have learn something... Love is a feeling, commitment is a decision,,,from now on i want to start over new... I wan to change myself and forget the past.... I wan to be born again@@@@

Bye Bye to the old SHirley...

In memory of The Old Shirley


Rest in Peace!!!

With Love, 7:50 PM

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